The Resort

Your perfect summer under the sun

A relaxing summer getaway for your senses and wellbeing, and a perfect destination for sun-dwellers.

Indulge your culinary palate at one of the beachfront dining venues of the Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort, savoring a delightful Lebanese seafood cuisine.

Kempinski Hotel

Kempinski is a name that embraces a heritage of European luxury and refinement, and Beirut’s Kempinski is the latest star of this iconic hotel chain.

Located along the Mediterranean coast, the resort offers guests a vast array of leisure amenities combined with business facilities to meet the needs of the frequent traveler. Being the only 5-star luxury resort in Beirut, Kempinski comprises a private sandy beach, a hotel consisting of 153 well-appointed lavish rooms and suites with a breathtaking views, a labyrinth of pools with a sit-in pool bar, water sports facilities, enchanting gardens, a wine and single malt lounge, and a variety of restaurants serving Mediterranean and International cuisine.

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Food & Beverage

Start your day at our Mediterranean restaurant “Cilantro” serving an enticing breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, prepared with fresh farm-to-table local ingredients, or simply indulge your senses at our Lebanese Seafood restaurant “MOJ” whilst enjoying the breathtaking Beirut panorama and the property’s private Marina from the farthest point within Kempinski Summerland on the marina rooftop. Whether at the “Beach Snack”, offering you refreshing salads and mouthwatering platters and sandwiches, or at the “Jet Bar” catching a spectacular sunset while sipping a colorful cocktail prepared by our mixologists, the resort offers a variety of outlets that will soothe your thirst during hot sunny days and satisfy your appetite throughout your stay. and special sandwiches.

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Experience luxury redefined - welcome to Kempinski Hotel

For more details and reservations please reach the Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort on 01858000 .